What if ........?

What if ........?
Small beaches of small islands were covered with plastic debris.
(This picture is a composite image for educational video.)

Sand Dollars


Sand Dollars found at the beach of Ocean Shores. Sand dollars are also called sea cookies, snapper biscuits, sand cake and penny shells.
Eco-friendly Sand dollars are Roombas in the sea keeping the ocean floor clean.

Amphipoda, a group of macroplanktons

An amphipod (Hyperia macrocephala), a group of macroplanktons find a home in a small light bulb (6 cm in diameter). However, only access go inside bulb is less than 1 mm hole for filament cable but egg of many planktonic species are microscopic in size of 2-20 µm.
This demonstrates a good example of why we can't simply remove all debris from the ocean or shore. Many debris have come to shelter marine life, so it is harmful to them if we simply dispose of the debris they are in.
(Light bulb found during marine debris research at Ocean Shores on July 17, 2014)